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Contribute To Our Mission

There are many ways to be a part of Exceptional Connections International! We would not be able to carry out our mission without the help of our supporters. Please choose the option(s) that works best for you.


Be Part Of A Team

We recruit professional volunteers to travel with us to our partner sites and to assist us in leading Professional Development sessions via Zoom. Reach out if you're interested in volunteering!

Join A Fundraiser

We host 4 seasonal fundraisers each year. Please check out our Fundraising Events Page for more information. 

Monetary Donations

All Donations are 100% Tax Deductible


Exceptional Connections International

941 Patterson Cove

Memphis, TN 38111

Credit Card Link 

Venmo: @ECI2018

Alternative Ways to Contribute

KCR won't cost you your points!

Use code TK286

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