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Ardent Schools &
Myles Autism Foundation/ LearningSupport Services

Ardent Schools is a primary school in Kantafu, Kenya serving preschoolers through grade 5. In 2021, they opened their Autism center to better support their students with disabilities. The school is now an inclusive learning center with 40 students and 8 teachers. All students receive some level of their education in the general education setting, but learning is individualized and tailored to the needs of each child. Additionally, some students are able to receive Occupational Therapy services as part of their school day. Judy Nzisa founded the school in 2019. Her 3 children attend the school, 2 of which have Autism. Her eldest son, Myles, inspired her to open the Autism Unit.

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Ardent Schools
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Myles Autism Unit

Collaborative Efforts in Kantafu

Est. 2022

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