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La Limye' Ministries

Ellen Humerickhouse is the founder and director of La Limye’ Ministries near Arcahaie, Haiti. Her organization includes a children’s home for girls, a community outreach center, and, a learning center for students with disabilities. Ellen has invited Exceptional Connections International to join her in her mission to educate and promote acceptance for all individuals with disabilities in her community. Her school has 24 children and adults with various abilities, many from her nearby neighborhood and one from her Children’s Home. Together, with her staff, we will ensure that her students and teachers are equipped for successful learning!

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You can donate to La Limye' directly at

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Connect2Haiti Efforts

Est. 2019

-In Country Teacher Training & Support-

-Home Visits & Community 

Due to unrest near Port-Au-Prince, our team is unable to travel to Haiti at this time. We continue to support La Limye' through online resource packets and educational materials for their teachers to utilize when school is in session. 

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