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Tender Care Institute

Tender Care Inst. is an inclusive early childhood center in Busia, Kenya. Steve Masai opened the school in February 2024 to meet the needs of his community and to provide long awaited educational services for families touched by disability. In addition to education, Tender Care will offer respite to caregivers, as well as provide community outreach, awareness training, and advocacy to break down the barriers and stigmas faced by people with disabilities in the area. 

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Collaborative Efforts in Busia

Established 2024



ECI will be supporting Steve and Tender Care Inst. by providing direct training to his teachers and staff to equip them with the skills needed to offer confident and effective inclusive educational services.

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Online Professional Development

In collaboration with our Partners, our team provides monthly Zoom trainings to a cohort of teachers, parents, and other professionals who wish to further their skill set in working with the disabled population. 



We assist our Partners in reaching out to their communities in a joint-effort to provide parent training, raise awareness, and advocate for people with disabilities to be fully immersed into their own communities..  

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