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Check out our stateside Connections

-The Vibe-

-Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce-

The Vibe is a Memphis-based organization that provides fellowship & fun for adults with disabilities. They became ECI's first stateside Partnership in 2024. The Vibe, in collaboration with ECI, will be hosting an inaugural prom for teens and adults with disabilities in the Memphis area. See below to learn more about Light up the Night Glow Prom and how to get involved!

Est. 2024
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About Our Inaugural Event

ECI is excited to be partnering with The Vibe to host Light up the Night Glow Prom for teens and adults with disabilities! Glow Prom will be open to individuals ages 15 and up and is designed to give people with special needs the full prom experience! We ask that one caregiver remain on site during the event- Don't worry, we are expecting plenty of hosts to join in the fun with your participant! You can email for more information.

Our registration is full, but please join our waitlist!

Oak Harbor, WA
Chamber of Commerce

We joined The Chamber in 2024 in effort to better understand the community needs related to disability services. If you have a specific need or recognize a service that is lacking in the Whidbey Island area, please email us. We are actively working to assess the needs and how our organization can provide support to meet those needs. Please check back in soon if you are interested in completing a survey to help us with our assessment. 

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